East Coast Canning (ECC) is passionate about making high quality canning an option for any size beverage producer. Our employees are highly skilled and have the knowledge to help you get the most out of your beverage. Our goal is to use a partnership model of operations by working with your business in order to make the canning process as simple as possible, while helping you expand into new markets.

Due to our partnership model, our focus is very much on the interests of our customers which are at the heart of our business. Our success is built on your success and shown by committing to the quality of your product, timely delivery and exceptional operational support.

The barriers to canning traditionally have been due to economy of scale and cost. We help you  overcome these by bringing our canning systems to your, reducing the cost of expanding into new products and package formats. We understand a majority of customers require production efficiency. As a result we do not add extra products and services at a premium, instead we are able to refer you to good quality suppliers in our network of suppliers and are happy to discuss this with you when we are going over your canning requirements.


Mobile Canning

  • 5 head, counter pressure filler
  • Date coding, seam inspections and reporting
  • LN2 dosing
  • de-palletising
  • rinsing capabilities
  • Classic, slim and sleek canning
  • Various beverage capabilities - beer, wine, cider, seltzer, water, coffee, tea & more


  • recommended when the amount of cans required is less than the minimum number for printed cans.
  • pressure sensitive labelling for a full supply of pristine perfectly labelled cans.
  • We use automation to ensure your cans are packaged safely for transport.
  • Guidance on artwork mandatories and specs via our quality suppliers

Packaging Supply

  • We can provide paktech clips
  • Can ends
  • Blank cans
  • Supplier contacts for blank and printed boxes

Consulting Services

  • Canning Line consulting
  • Machinery selection
  • Servicing
  • General packaging consultation


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