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  • Genuine counter pressure fills
  • Various beverage capabilities – beer,  wine, cocktails, RTD’s,  cider, seltzer, water, tea.  Have an idea? Let us know
  • Capable of filling all Australian made can styles
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Automated inline Paktech applicator
  • LN2 dosing
  • Date Coding
  • Video Seam Inspections
  • Dissolved Oxygen reading
  • Small Volume Pricing
Can Printing
  • Harness the power of emotion with unique look and feel of each can
  • Create design effects to stand out in a crowded market
  • Tell a story with every can design to capture hearts and minds
  • Environmentally responsible: From design idea to printed product
  • Digital printing is energy and resource efficient
  • Zero print waste
  • Zero change-over and set-up cost
  • Zero basic set-up and low variable cost
  • Economic production of minimum lot sizes
East Coast Canning: Labelling icon
  • Guidance on best commercial outcomes
  • Ideal for small and medium runs
  • Pressure sensitive labelling for pristine perfectly labelled cans
  • Dedicated team to assist with artwork mandatories and specs via our partner suppliers
  • Automation to ensure labelled cans are delivered safely and hygienically to the facility
  • Use our buying power
  • Slimline can sizes only
East Coast Canning: packaging icon
  • Slim, sleek and classic style cans in various colours
  • Can ends in various colours
  • Pre labelled and Paktech clips
  • Supplier partner contacts for blank and printed boxes
  • Online ordering
  • In-house logistics offering sharp lead times
  • Dedicated team offering advice and support specific to your products
East Coast Canning: consulation icon
  • Canning line installs, training and maintenance
  • Packaging best practices
  • Machinery servicing
  • Break down and emergency help
  • Machinery Rebuild service
  • Remote Machine monitoring, delivering targeted service
  • Highly trained, and experienced technicians with millions of cans experience
  • Advice on machine ownership ROI and commercials

Invest in your business

Our mission is to help our customers create memorable experiences in cans! We do that by supplying a high quality, multi-faceted, affordable canning solution and letting our customers focus on what they do best. By providing this service, we believe that you will be able to invest more in your business and grow, therefore we have a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.

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We truly believe in the partnership model. It may be a cliché but “our success is built on yours”. This gives you the flexibility to say what you need, and us the flexibility to help you achieve it in the most cost effective way possible. Whether it is just a sounding board for ideas or guidance on best packaging practices we are always available. Our partnership model integrates into your business. In order to get the most of our visit we have clearly defined what we will be doing and what you will need to do to ensure success. We have gained plenty of experience in the 31 million+ cans we have seamed and our processes have been developed and fine-tuned in order to achieve optimal results.

To add, when we talk about investing in your business, we mean investing with intelligence. Hidden costs of packaging abound when using any model other than mobile canning. What can your brewpub achieve with more tanks or seating space? What can your wholesale operation achieve with more capital for marketing and sales?

Tell us about your project, but more importantly, tell us about your business.

East Coast Canning your mobile canning solution
6 counter pressure canning lines
35 Million Cans Seamed
10 Million Cans labelled
5 Years in

How it works

How it works