The Importance of
Quality Systems

We are passionate about quality and stresses the importance of a robust quality system from thorough cleaning and sanitising procedures to equipment maintenance and quality checks such as audits, video inspection of seams to manual seam analyses and tear downs.

We believe multiple redundancies will help us detect and correct potential issues before they are critical. Our point of difference when it comes to quality lies in the fact that we have worked hard in determining where problems arise so we can best prevent them or resolve them with minimum time down. We don’t want to know about the problem after it has started causing issues.

For every job we perform the following:

  • Utilise a CODI canning system which uses an innovative counter pressure filling system rather than open air filling ensuring optimal pressure while reducing O2 through CO2 purging prior to filling the can.
  • CIP including thorough sanitisation of the equipment prior to first fill and between different SKUs
  • Regular audits to ensure processes, equipment and workflows are all maintained to high standards
  • State of the art seam inspection equipment and teardowns with detailed reports
  • Date coding