Codi canning machine and paktech applicator set up on site
  • How much space do I need for the mobile canning system?
    • Ideally we like a corridor of space 7m long and 2m wide, but chat to us about your space challenges, we can sometimes do some ‘canning line yoga’. An extra 2-3m in length will be required for our inline labeller if you’re planning on using slim line cans. In regards to parking space, our equipment fits inside an extended Mercedes Sprinter which is surprisingly small and can be parked at most sites without needing any special provision.

      Here is a link to view a time-lapse of our mobile canning set up. If you would like to see more videos head over to our Instagram.

  • Do you only can beer?
    • Canning machines can work with a variety of beverages, such as wine, cider, cocktails, RTD’s, seltzer, tea and coffee. We do not can beverages with live bacteria (such as Kombucha) as it is tricky to eradicate from the machine (despite cleaning) and can contaminate other beverages. There are methods that can be used for sour beers to avoid this – talk to us!

  • What size cans do you digitally print and fill?
    • We can package any Australian classic, sleek or slim line can. In addition, we have this little diagram below to outline what cans and ends are currently available for Digital Printing.

      Slim line cans will have labels applied using an inline labeller supplied on fill day.

  • Do you have Paktech Applicators?
    • Yes, we have inline Paktech applicators on all five canning lines, this was brought into place to save on operational costs, staffing organisation, and safety for our customers. We will soon be launching a complimentary Paktech barcode prelabelling services when customers purchase their Paktechs from us.

  • What services do you supply?
    • Mobile canning, direct-to-can digital printing, in-line labelling, dry goods service, canning line consulting including machinery selection and servicing. For further information head over to our Services page.

  • Do you supply dry goods?
    • Yes, we have a dry-goods and direct-to-can digital printing service with nationwide distribution. We can print on any Australian supplied standard and sleek cans. Slim line cans are lebelled using an in-line labeller, provided on your fill day. We offer some of the best Paktech prices in the country, and our customers receive complimentary Paktech barcode labelling with their Paktech order.

      All pallet wrap that comes from us is landfill-biodegradable. BioGone uses Landfill-Biodegradable Plastics that are made by combining traditional plastic with an organic additive. The biodegradation only begins when the plastic is exposed to a microbe rich environment such as in a landfill. The additive attracts microbes to the plastic and they start to digest it. The pallet wrap can also be recycled with other soft plastics!

  • Can you help me with my label?
    • We sure can! We offer an inline labelling service for slim line cans and manage the entire label ordering process – from printer relations to nationwide distribution. We have a dedicated team that can offer advice and support specific to your products. Additionally, we can offer competitive prices on small label orders.

      If you would like to read more about ‘Ordering Labels’ visit our Recommended Reading section.

  • What canning line is used?
    • We use a CODI counter pressure canning line, 6 fill heads with fully mechanical seamer.

  • Speed of the machine (cans p/min)?
    • The machine generally runs between 40 to 50 cans per minute, depending on beer conditions and CO2 infeed flow and pressure.

  • How does counter pressure filling work?
  • What quality management systems do you have?
    • We offer class-leading CIP (clean in place) to ensure thorough sanitisation of the equipment. Our Quality Management System dictates regular audits to assure processes equipment and workflows are all maintained to high standards. As a standard some of our quality checks include video seam inspection (with detailed reports), seam tear downs, hot water pressure tests and date coding.

      If you would like to read more Jim, Our National Operations Manager has written an entry on this topic in our Recommended Reading section.

  • Why cans?
    • Cans are the most sustainable beverage container. They are convenient, portable, chill fast and designed to be airtight. Blocking out light and air extends shelf life. Plus they are lightweight perfect for cost effective transportation.

  • Can we use any can supplier?
    • Yes, we have the tooling for both Visy and Orora cans.

      While we are on the subject, if you would you like some tips on ‘Can Storage Best Practises’ visit our Recommended Reading section.

  • Do you label in line?
    • We provide an inline labelling service for slim line can sizes ONLY.

      For all other can sizes, we use our state-of-the-art digital printer.

  • Can you help us with our Codi machine?
    • Yes, we install, service and offer support throughout AUS, NZ and Southeast Asia.

  • Want to join our team?
    • If you are interested in being a packaging line assistant with potential to train up to operate the canning line then get in touch! 

      If you have a science/engineering background, packaging experience, brewing knowledge/experience then it is likely you will find a home here at ECC. Being a mobile service, there is travel involved in the role. Please ensure you send through a cover letter when you email us to explain who you are, and why you want to be a part of the East Coast Canning family.