Do you need space to park a truck or trailer?

No our equipment fits inside an extended Mercedes Sprinter which is surprisingly small and can be parked at most sites without needing any special provision.

How much space do I need for the mobile canning system?

Ideally we like a corridor of space 7m long and 2m wide, but chat to us about your space challenges, we can sometimes do some ‘canning line yoga’.

Do you only can beer?

Canning machines can work with a variety of beverages. Canning machines are able to be used for most beverages such as wine, cider, spirits, soda and coffee. We do not can beverages with live bacteria (such as Kombucha) as it is tricky to eradicate from the machine (despite cleaning) and can contaminate other beverages. There are methods that can be used for sour beers to avoid this – talk to us!

Can we use any can supplier?

No, our machines have been set up with visy tooling.

Do you label in line?

No we provide labelling services in advance and ensure that perfectly labelled cans arrive on the day of your canning. When you label in-line you have more potential for issues that can halt production and result in wasted beverage and pack-off staff time. Both reduce production efficiency.