About Us

East Coast Canning is Australia’s first mobile canning company founded by Chris Kelly (read more about the start-up in this article written by Brews News. While we are in fact the first mobile canning company in Australia, this is not the sole reason why you should use us! ECC has been built on a strong foundation that has put quality and efficiency as our number one priority. We have developed systems to ensure that we are canning your best product and add features such as date coding as a standard part of our service rather than an expensive addition! We value quality and think our customers deserve it.

Being the first mobile canning company has been eventful. Chris started operations in October 2016 with one canning system and an assistant. Within a year, we had 2 machines and a growing employee count. By the start of 2018, the third canning line arrived and commenced operation. The response to our service from our customers has been phenomenal. We have absolutely loved seeing the beverages and their packaging on our local bottle shop shelves, and seeing the general change in the industry. We enjoy what we do, and who we work with. If you have been considering mobile canning, contact us for a discussion on your requirements.