Welcome from East Coast Canning

December 6, 2017

Welcome! Since the start of this business over a year ago we have seen a massive growth and overwhelming show of support from all of our clients. It has been a pretty exciting time and like a lot of businesses that experience rapid growth we have not had time or resources to run our website… until now. 2018 is ushering in more exciting prospects for us such as our 3rd canning line, new employees, new quality equipment (yes quality is exciting for us) and our first conference. This blog is also a first, we will be posting exciting news in the canning world, information for customers and any exciting news.

Since opening we have had a few write ups and nods and we thought we would share them with you. They give you a bit of information about how we were founded and why you would consider using a mobile canning company. We plan on writing more information for you as time goes on so stay tuned, in the meantime thanks for reading and enjoy the articles.